Blaue Sonne is a young and creative company to support your inner creator!

Blaue Sonne: Film & Media

Blaue Sonne (blue sun) implements your concepts, ideas and wishes in the field of film and media production into audiovisual reality. Create something that has substance out of your project. Let yourself be guided through the technical aspects of film, because film making is primarily skilled craft. Special for this company are the creative aspects that flow in the work, as well as the focus on authentic productions in the fields of innovation, holism and sustainability, which are to help humanity to find into a more peaceful consciousness. Innovative projects are to be supported in order to gain access to the general public.

Blaue Sonne: Healing Arts

The other aspect of Blaue Sonne (blue sun) is coaching and healing arts such as ThetaHealing®. You can get emotional support here. I will lead you through your processes of self-discovery and self-healing with the help of various shamanic and energetic healing methods. To empower yourself and to help you to rediscover your existence as a creator on this planet earth. Here you can book private sessions and seminars with the focus on clarifying your energy body on all four levels of being. A great aspect of my work is ThetaHealing®. ThetaHealing helps to reprogram old patterns and beliefs to achieve self-determination in one’s life.

Choose here between film production & coaching

Film & Media

Create your own audiovisual media experience with creative and technical support.

Healing Arts

Transform into the creator of your life with creative life coaching & ThetaHealing®