Men and Peace – The peaceful warrior

In Israel, I was very happy to get to know for the Peace Movement dedicated men. Because “Women Wage Peace” as well as the “pulse of peace” in Berlin are not meant for women only. In Israel, women have simply started with the peace movement out of the desire to create a more peaceful future for their children. To live in a wounded country at risk of war brings with it the need to promote peace.

Even men like Yuval Danieli are worried about their children. As Yuval reports, his daughter is currently going to the army, which is normal in Israel. Men have to go to the army for 3 years and women also for 2 years. Yuval decided to do something for the peace and future of his children and supports “Women Wage Peace” at events as a producer.

What we need in the world’s peace process are peaceful warriors!

Recently I had a long conversation on my way home from Stuttgart to Berlin. I always like to take a lift, because you meet nice people and I love new encounters.

Since I was driving with a man, I grabbed the opportunity and started a conversation with Daniel about peace.
Daniel said: “Peace is the absence of warlike aggression.” Times quite rationally defined!
He asks me “is there peace at all? Real peace? “We begin to guess the incredible complexity of this topic. We are discovering the many forms of war nowadays, at all levels of society, right up to cyber warfare, which is mainly conducted by North Korea.
It goes on to the causes of war… And we have to decide that war is usually not build out of martial aggression, but for economic reasons.

We also think about the situation in Israel and Palestine. Reflect on Trump’s decision to make Jerusalem the capital of Israel … We wonder what is the right decision to make peace here? We both must decide quickly that there is no right decision and that no one is right or can judge. The situation is so complicated and both sides have good reasons … The question then arises, if there is the possibility to be right on regard to peace at all. And we find that no one can judge or be right in true peace. Because true peace is judgmental free. It is much more about peaceful coexistence of different parties. So we come across concepts like acceptance, respect and assumption.

If I imagine a world in which all live peacefully together … Then I quickly realize that it is very much to reconcile many different opinions. For peace does not mean convincing all people of the same truth. Peace also has a lot to do with diversity. To fully accept and respect our diversity and individuality in order to live on one planet together. Peace has a lot to do with respecting oneself and one’s environment. Be mindful of your own resources and good at dealing with and staying in harmony with yourself and the environment.
Peace is thus an everyday challenge:
In this world, where change is the only constant, we have to align ourselves to peace every day.

Above all, global peace has a lot to do with Mother Earth, the planet where we all live together. While the war is usually also about resources and therefore on a global level belonging to economic factors. What you can see in small, as well as in big. Peace places the needs of the earth and the good fellowship of everyone on a planet in the foreground. Thus, it is about essential prerequisites for our lives. Today, it is about putting peace as a basic element above everything, to the top of the pyramid of our needs! We should consider and be aware of what decisions and actions are in harmony with the energy of peace. Here, the conflict over the economy and resources is not excluded, but included. You quickly realize that conflicts in the world can not be avoided, that it is more about the intention to search for peaceful conflict solutions.

In order to secure these essential prerequisites of life, peace and thus feminine qualities such as compassion, benevolence, empathy, willingness to compromise, insight, love, etc., are in the center, because they have been suppressed for a very long time and dominating characteristics held the supremacy for a long time. However, male characteristics are just as important for peace processes!

The peaceful Warrior:

The Peaceful Warrior has leadership qualities and can bear responsibility,
he preserves the respect for himself and others,
he can be criticized and criticize others without feeling uncomfortable.
He can assert himself, he is purposeful and full of clarity.
He is determined, fearless, present and intelligent.
He is dignified, confident in himself, powerful, courageous and steadfast.

These qualities help us when we set peace as a basis, as our basic intention.
Because being in peace every day means mastering every facet of life.

In Berlin there was a Men @ Peace March in September, which, like the Women’s March, had the same route from the Neptunbrunnen to the Brandenburg Gate. I’ve been very happy to hear about this event.

Here is the invitation to the next event in April 2018 MEN @ PEACE:

Let´s find out how it feels like not to hide the peaceful warrior inside of us from society and bring our gifts and visions for the world out in the open and into the very areas of our lives where it is most needed. (Info:

“In times of global and local, collective and individual challenge, conflict and war, there may be nothing more healing then the attitude of the peaceful warrior, and the loving presence of the being that we truly are”

If I come back to the basic definition that peace is the absence of warlike aggression, then I realize that it is not about sweeping conflicts, but more about recognizing that conflicts are important, that they have full legitimacy and that it is important to carry them out through a constructive form. Just in a peaceful way, so in the sense of the highest of all. It is important that we develop methods in these areas, in particular, how we can manage conflicts in a good way. That everyone is allowed to express his opinion and one hears each other, only in this way does real development happen. By inclusion instead of exclusion. If you suppress conflicts, they often boil far too long and eventually boil over. This is exactly what provokes all forms of war.

This is something that I would like to criticize in the spiritual scene. Where energies such as anger and aggression are usually simply excluded and you do not want them. Where conflicts are often swept under the carpet for peace and love… It is instead important to accept these feelings and deal with them properly and consciously. For they are messengers of clarity and power.

The possibility of resolving conflicts in a constructive way prevents much aggression and war. As well as the processing of the personal life topics of each individual. We all have experienced many negative imprints in our childhood and in the course of our lives, which encounter us as obstacles in our everyday lives and togetherness. If we experience healing here, the coexistence will for sure be easier!
So we can create true peace, from the inner balance and satisfaction of each one!

It’s important to be powerful, especially for the women! It is important to be peaceful, especially for men!

Apart from all gender ideas, it is important for both sexes to find an inner harmony of male and female characteristics. Today, especially in Germany, you can not do much with these old archetypes anymore. I can sing a song of this in my life too. I grew up with a very strong woman and a very sensitive man. I learned male qualities such as courage, strength, clarity, respect, critical faculty etc. from my mother and qualities like empathy, compassion, peaceableness etc. from my father. Everybody of us in fact carries both in ourselves. And all these qualities are mutually dependent and part of the peace!

Your Piece for Piece – We only achieve true peace if everyone contributes their part!

On the way to global peace, every individual is important! Every human on this beautiful planet is part of the miracle life.
Everyone is important, everyone is chosen!

Only together we can create a world of peace in all areas. Because peace includes everything, politics and sustainability, innovation and community, family and single life, economy and art, … all levels of our being!

THE PULSE OF PEACE BERLIN has set itself the task to bundle people, groups, initiatives, companies, clubs and more around the topics of peace and peacebuilding.

In June 2018, the next Wo/men’s March for Peace will take place in Berlin. All sexes and diversities who want to anchor peace as a common ground are invited.

Contributions, connections, ideas and impulses of any peaceful form and kind are cordially invited to contribute or simply be there!
Be part of the colorful diversity of Peace 2018

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