MEDIA FOR PEACE: Reflection about Jaffa

From the 24th of september 2017 to the 10th of october 2017, “The Journey To Peace” from “Women Wage Peace” took place in Israel. Thousands of women marched from Sderot in the western Negev to Jerusalem over this period to persuade the governments of Palestine and Israel to work together for peace. With the motto “we will not stop until there is an agreement”, “yes it’s possible”, “we can do it!”. At each station of the two-week march, various peacebuilding activities and events took place, in Israel and Palestine. The highlight of the march took place at the 8th of october 2017 in the so-called “Peace Village” in the desert of the Western Bank, near Jerusalem. This location close to the Dead Sea is located in Sector C, which is accessible to Palestinian women without a residence permission. Thousands of women from both sides met there to mark a sign for the end of violence and the beginning of common peace.

Already last year a likewise march called “March of Hope” took place near Jericho.
In 2015, one year after the Gaza war in 2014, the women of “Women Wage Peace” fasted for 50 days.

The “March for Peace” in Jaffa was taking place at the 6th of October 2017.
At the picture on the left, you see me filming at this beautiful event.
(Foto: Ariel Nishri)

Informations about the „Women’s March for Peace – June 2018 in Berlin“ you find here:

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