Journey to Peace - Peace comes from within.

Some people may wonder what I’m doing right now …
It was planned to produce a documentary about peace, about the from Israel out going peace movement “Women Wage Peace”, the “Pulse of Peace Berlin” and other peace-spreading factors.

My intention was to connect myself fully with God, Allah, Jahwe, Braman, the Creator or the divine energy, and let me guide through it. So I did not know exactly what would happen in this process in the creation of the documentary.

That the result would be a docu-series, which continues in intervals, I would not have thought about when I planned my trip to Israel. Also that the journey then continues to other countries, would have been pure utopia for me.

Supported by my healing work with the ThetaHealing® technique, I became more and more aware of the vision to report as a Peacereporter through an ongoing series of videos about events for peace, such as the Women’s March.

It was only when I started this series that I became more and more aware of how much my own journey into peace flowed in. And with that, piece by piece, the realization that this is the only way I can genuinely support peace came to me.

The path to peace is linked to many processes, I want to reveal my processes on this path here. To reveal oneself and to peace you need a lot of courage:

Courage to blow your own limitations,
courage to let go of fears, sorrow, grief and despair,
courage to transform anger, hatred and resentment.
Courage for clarity and strength,
courage to stand by yourself,
courage to stay on the ball,
to follow the courage of one’s own truth and to pronounce it,
courage to show oneself in human imperfection,
courage to acknowledge and accept oneself every second,
to love and be your own best friend.
Courage to grow, courage to change, courage to let go,
courage to the truth, courage to God and to being.

I want to bring up all this courage for my journey to peace,
because this is the only true contribution that I and everyone else can do for peace.
The only medicine that really helps and works.

So anyone who likes can testify my journey or let oneself be inspired.

Furthermore peace projects should be supported in this way and gain an public access to the broad masses. So you too can invite me to your events, seminars, conferences, festivals and moments around peace.

Or you can ask me for support around topics of still existing strife in you on all levels of your being for support in the form of healing session. So we can bundle peace together, nurture the tree of knowledge together and return to the Garden of Eden, the Paradise of Peace.

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