Journey to Peace – Part32-33

Mantra of the day: Peace is possible!

At the end of the large “March for Peace” in Jerusalem there was a big event with concerts and speakers of the organization “Women Wage Peace”. People from all over the world came together to attend the multi-day event and promote peace. For Israel, it was sad that only few activists from palestine could come to Jerusalem because the borders remained closed. However, above all, in the hearts hope has arisen through this gathering of so many people who share the same dream of peace to create another reality.

So may the mantra for us be:
“Peace is possible, yes it’s possible!”
to align our hearts every day more to peace.

Jerusalem means “City of Peace”

In Psalm 122 :6 it is said: “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem! May they prosper who love you!” Thus the wish remains to get Jerusalem back the title “City of Peace”. Across all religions, across all borders, shining in colourful diversity of modern peace, with acceptance and openness for different wold views, provenances and religious  backgrounds.

So at the end of the event the most sung song of the world was intoned: Hallelujah! But what does Hallelujah actually mean?
In hebrew it looks like this: הַלְלוּיָה read from right to left. These are two words: Hallelu and Jah, what means praise god!
So we praise today god, allah, yahwe, brahman, the universe, the creation or simply the universal energy of peace, from that we all been created, that gave birth to the whole humanity.

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