How it all started…

Times of great changes…

In the fall of 2016, I did a regression back to an earlier life in Israel.
Since then I have been accompanied by a longing, a yearning to return “home”.

That same winter, it reached me through a soul sister the wonderful video
of the “Women’s March of Peace” in Israel with the song “Prayer of the mothers”
by Yael Deckelbaum, that was going through Facebook and Youtube all around the world.
At the March for Peace 30,000 women from Israel and Palestine went to the
streets to come together for the message of peace. All women themselves
agree, they do not want their children to grow up in war. Deeply touched
were rolling tears over my face and I felt like I wanted to be part of it.

Shortly before the March in June 2017 in Berlin, I got request by a friend to
accompany the event with my camera for the organizing initiative
“Pulse of peace “. So it happened that I ran over the March with full energy,
to take as much material as possible. I remember as if it had been yesterday
the moment when I was just on my knees on the ground at the Brandenburg Gate
to change my battery. Suddenly Yael Deckbaum’s face appeared in front of me.
It was one of these moments that change everything by a glance. She asked me
if I could help, her cameraman has no more memory cards, she would be in the
city the next few days and could give me the card back. So she gave me her
mobilephone number and we met 3 days later. I offered my support and Yael
asked me if I could film the March in Munich. She also invited me to Israel.

Also the March in Munich has mesmerized me a lot and I put everything in
going to Israel in October. The financing out of my own pocket
was secondary to me, the desire to spread the message of peace to the general public
was and is the highest priority for me. Shortly before my flight to Israel,
the dignified Mayan grandmother Nah Kin came to Berlin and together with
other Mayan shamans, a ceremony for peace took place where we anchored
vortex places around the globe. Since that I see the golden dragon wings on people,
belonging to the “Pulse of Peace “. That’s why I feel always guided on my way.
In Israel I started my documentary series “Journey to Peace”. Here videos of my
journey to peace are published continuously. In Nazareth in Jesus’ birthplace
I made the promise in front of the camera to film until this world is in peace.
So the “Journey to Peace” continues after Israel …